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Drug Offences

The lawyers at Heller, Rubel defend clients facing a wide range of drug-related offences, from simple possession to importing and trafficking.

Drug offences are defined in the Controlled Drug and Sustances Act (CDSA). Offences under this Act include:


  •     Possession of a Controlled Substance;

  •     Possession for the Purposes of Trafficking a Substance

  •     Trafficking

  •     Importing and Exporting a Controlled Substance

  •     Production of a Substance


Controlled Substances are listed in the Schedules of this Act and include street drugs like marijuana, hashish, cocaine and heroin. However, commonly prescribed medications are also subject to criminal sanctions under the CDSA if they are bought, sold or possessed without the proper medical prescription. A finding of guilt on a charge under the CDSA can result in criminal record. A finding of guilt in a drug-related matter can also impact an individual’s ability to travel and cross international borders, specifically into the United States. Certain drug-related offences fall under other legislation. For example, the offence commonly known as “double doctoring” to stockpile prescription drugs is an offence under the Criminal Code. The production and distribution of regulated drugs is governed by the Food and Drug Act, and certain drug-related offences are created by that legislation.


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